Will Pregnancy Pillow Relieve Back Pain?

Will Pregnancy Pillow Relieve Back Pain?

There are some events in life which are quite important and are considered milestones. Pregnancy is one such event which is looked forward with lot of excitement and expectation. However, it does come with its own share of challenges and troubles. During the initial few months of pregnancy many women suffer from morning sickness, nausea, lack of appetite and other such problems. Once the pregnancy develops and as the baby starts to grow inside the mother, it does put quite a bit of pressure on the back.

Back pain during pregnancy is certainly a problem for many women especially during the latter stage. It does come with other issues such as difficulty in sleeping and discomfort for the entire day. However, there are quite a few things that one could do to handle back pain which is so very common during pregnancy. In this article we will try and learn something more about pregnancy pillow which could come in handy as far as relieving back pain. We also will talk about the ways and means by which one could use these pregnancy pillows to good effect. Please spend some time going this article and we are sure that it will help you in more ways than one when it comes to relieving pregnancy related back pains.

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Tips For Helping Relieve Pregnancy Related Back Pains

We are sharing some useful tips which we are sure could come in handy for back pain during pregnancy:

Regular exercising – It always better to understand the importance of regular exercising. This should be done before conceiving because it could help in strengthening the back muscles and abdominal area. Once you conceive you can get the recommendation from your doctor as to the exercise regimen that you should be following.

Keep your feet up – Given a choice between standing, reclining or sitting it would always be better to choose reclining. Keeping the feet elevated could stop edema or swelling. This in turn could help reduce back pain quite a bit.

Afternoon siesta – Half an hour nap in the afternoon give the body the chance to completely heal and get the much deserved rest.

Importance of pregnancy pillow – It would be a great idea to spend some time buying a well designed and comfortable pregnancy pillow. It plays a big role in supporting your tummy which grows with pregnancy. It also helps you to identify a comfortable and pain-free sleeping position.

Heat massage – You also could try applying a heat pad around the back muscle. This could give relief and ensure that the back muscles have improved blood circulation.


This is where the role of a good sleeping pillow could come in handy. While conventional pillows could help but a good pregnancy pillow could make a world of difference. Here are a few reasons why it could contribute to giving relief from back pain during pregnancy.

Pregnancy pillow are designed with special care and they provide adequate support at the right part of the body. Further unlike conventional pillows, these pillows stay firmly in place and do not slide down.

You have a variety of pregnancy pillows from which you can make the right choice. You could go in for “C” shaped pillow which could cradle your belly. You also could go in for a fully body pillow which is “U” shaped. There are also wedge-and-donut shaped pillows which could help depending on your specific needs.

Finally over the counter pain killers could be used sparingly and that too under doctor’s instruction and supervision.

How Pregnancy Pillow Can Help

Pregnancy comes with a number of minor challenges and not being able to sleep in your normal position is one such problem. If you sleep with your back then it certainly is a problem. Because of pregnancy, when you sleep with your back, you put quite a bit of pressure on your pelvis and various other internal organs. This can impact your back and also could impede blood circulation to the lower extremities and legs. Hence finding a solution is important. 

Apart from providing relief to your joints and the back, they also help in reducing pressure on joints, muscles and ligaments.

We are also sharing a few more tips which could help you to get the best out of your pillow:

Ensure that the bed is comfortable. If it is caused by a mattress, change it if needed.

Be sure that you have a good pillow for your neck. The pillow you might be using now may not be able provide the right support to your neck during pregnancy.

If you feel that the back pain is caused by tummy exerting pressure on the back, then a wedge type pregnancy pillow could be the solution. It could provide support to your belly.

If you suffer from pain in thighs and hips then choosing a hip a full body pillow could be the right solution. You must lie on the left side and the pillow should support the stomach and the right inner thigh. This could help a lot in muscle and ligament strain and could also help in preventing sciatic pain.

Your feet also required quite a bit of support. You should ensure that the pillow supports and covers the entire foot. Ensure that your foot is not dangling from the edge of your pillow because this will cause edema because of impaired circulation.

When Should Use A Pregnancy Pillow?

It would always be advisable to use a pregnancy pillow early during pregnancy. Only then will you get used to it and will be able to sleep on your side. You will also get used to it and will start feeling comfortable. Once you get used to it, you will most certainly start liking it and will also use it once the baby has been delivered. In fact, there are many homes where the pregnancy pillow has been redesigned and is being used as a nursing pillow as soon as the baby arrives.

In fine there is no doubt that it does make lot of sense to invest in a quality pregnancy pillow. It will go a long way in making the journey of pregnancy comfortable and enjoyable. The problems associated with back pain may not be completely removed, but it certainly will help to alleviate the problems quite a bit.

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