Postpartum Belt – Everything you Need to Know

A pregnancy can change your body in ways you never anticipated. Some women think that the tummy will be gone as soon as the baby is out; but that is not how things work out. What you get instead are flabs on your belly that resist all your attempts to make them go away.

And while your tummy is bothering you with these unsightly bulges, you will also be dealing with lack of sleep as you focus on giving your bundle of joy all the attention you can muster. In the midst of all this, dealing with the postpartum abdominal weight reduction can take a backseat, and if you are not careful, this physical appearance might become your new normal.

Thankfully, this is where a postpartum belt comes in.

What is a postpartum belt?
A postpartum belt is simply a wrap that you can tie around your belly so as to give support to your abdominal muscles and organs during the postpartum period.

How can a postpartum belt help?
If your postpartum period leaves you looking out of shape, a postpartum belt will help you look in shape without actually being in shape. The belt can also make you feel comfortable as you move around after delivery, in addition to helping you enhance your posture.

In fact, this belt will even go far beyond these cosmetic benefits and also give you the back support you need after the physical strain of pregnancy and childbirth.

Additionally, the health benefits of this belt include the fact that it will help you reduce swelling and tighten the muscles in your midsection. The belt is also effective at pushing the organs back into position after their displacement during childbirth.

So, a postpartum belt has a lot of important benefits to offer you after

Who should not wear postpartum belt?
Most women can wear a postpartum belt. Still, a postpartum belt is not for everyone. For instance, it is not recommended that you start wearing it as soon as you have had your baby. In fact, the benefits are not even thought to be as apparent during this period.

So, you should start wearing it about a day after delivery in the case of a natural birth. In fact, after a natural delivery, you can start tying your stomach even after a few hours. However, most doctors will recommend that you wait at least a day before using the belt.

If you have had a C-section, you should not use the belt until after the wound has healed, and that could mean waiting for at least six to eight weeks before using it.

It is also not advisable to wear this belt if there are signs of infection in your C-section, or if you are dealing with complications such as anmionitis or preeclampsia. It is precisely because of reasons of this kind that you should talk to your doctor before starting to use this belt.

How do I choose the postpartum belt?
While choosing a postpartum belt, you should take into consideration a couple of factors. For instance, you have to consider how it will look under your clothes, or how much support or comfort it will offer you during use. Here are some issues to keep in mind as you shop for a postpartum belt.

1. How does it look under your clothes
One of the main reasons women wear a postpartum belt is that it helps them reclaim the shape they had before pregnancy, until they can at least get back in shape naturally. Therefore, a belt that is well-concealed under the clothes is the huge priority for most shoppers.

Some belts are a little thick, and ensuring that nobody notices them, especially for women who love tight clothing, can be something of a challenge. So, if you belong in this category, your best option is to use a less conspicuous postpartum belt.

Be careful though, some belts might not be visible under your clothing, but they might not offer the best quality use experience. That means you have to consider other issues as well as you shop for a postpartum belt.

2. How hard is it to slide on?
Some belts are easy to wear, and you will hardly notice the need for additional skill to put them on. But with other belts, putting them on can be a struggle. This can be a huge challenge since you might be dealing with the trauma of childbirth, or the physical limitations of having undergone surgery.

Consequently, getting a belt that is easy to wear is a very important factor to consider. Even a highly effective belt might not do you much good if it turns out to be too challenging to wear properly. Therefore, consider how easy it is to wear the postpartum belt you are buying for an easier use experience.

3. Does it stay in place?
Even after a snug comfortable fit, some belts can start to slid upwards over time due to active movements. Usually, this is a problem is common with elastic belts that are fasted using velcro straps. Obviously, a belt that will not stay in place over its usage period cannot be expected to give you all the benefits you seek from this postpartum aid.

So, you should go for better quality belts to ensure that you end up with a belt that actually gives you the expected benefits. You might have to pay a little more for it, but at least, you will get true value for your money.

4. Does it compress enough?
The good thing about postpartum belts is that they are highly adjustable. Therefore, you can wear it as tightly as you need it to be. However, some belts will simply not give you the amount of compression you need, in which case you have to consider alternative versions that can deliver on this goal.

For instance, if you want the belt to give you the shape you had before your pregnancy so that you can fit into the clothes you wore before you got pregnant, you can go for a tighter fit. In other words, you have to get a belt that compresses more.

But if you want to feel comfortable as you move around, then belt that offers a more relaxed fit can work for you. So, you need to get a belt that offers enough compression for your belt usage needs. Fortunately, with many high quality belts, you don’t have to choose between a high and a low compression belt, as these belts can be adjusted to suit either role.

5. Is the fabric breathable?
Whenever shopping for a postpartum belt, always go for a version that is made using a breathable material. There are many reasons for this. The most obvious is that a breathable belt will be more comfortable.

You might find that you need to use the belt all day long, in which case you need a breathable material that is more suited to this usage demand. Additionally, a breathable material will keep you from issues like excessive sweating, which might exacerbate any problems you might be dealing with as you try to rid yourself of your postpartum tummy.

Besides, a non-breathable material can cause skin irritation and even allergic reactions since the belt has to be worn pretty fittingly to deliver on its intended benefits. So, make sure you get a belt that is made using a breathable material

6.Types of postpartum belts
Postpartum belts come in all shapes and sizes; and there will always be a design that works best for you. Fortunately, today, there are many types of postpartum belts to suit various usage needs. Types of postpartum belts are:

a) Wraps – These kinds of belts are made from cloth, and they are worn soon after postpartum. The belt is designed to be wrapped around the belly so that it fastens at the back.

b) Corset type belts – These kinds of belts are designed like corsets, and they are known for their ability to offer incredible support to the midsection and their ability to aid in recovery. They usually snap at the back for a secure fit.

One of their most notable features is that they usually exact a lot of pressure during wear. They generally should not be worn for too long due to the pressure they exact on the organs and the abdominal area.

c) Zipper type belts – As the name suggests, these postpartum belt are fastened with a zip at the front or from the sides.

d) Pull-up type belt -This belt is worn like underwear, but with a high waist. These belts are quite effective, although you might need to consult with a doctor to see if the belt would be appropriate for you.

The postpartum period is generally much easier to cope with when you use a postpartum belt. Looking good after childbirth leaves you with flabs on your belly is one of the reasons this belt should be a must-have.

However, these belts can also help you feel more comfortable, and stabilize your back in addition to aiding in your postpartum recovery. But before you buy the first belt that comes your way and end up regretting your purchase, take note of some things you need to consider so as to get the best postpartum belt for your needs.

So, go for it – a postpartum belt might be all you need to get back in shape and have a more comfortable postpartum recovery period.

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