Can Baby Sleep Without Blanket In Summer?

Can Baby Sleep Without Blanket In Summer?

Winter is right now here and not many parents may be giving their thoughts about summer which will be there in a few months from now. With global warming no longer a discussion over the table, summers are indeed becoming hotter and more uncomfortable. It does impact all of us in general.

Newborn babies, in particular, could also be impacted by these changes to climatic condition. While we are not trying to scare our readers with terms like SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), we will try and share some information regarding handling of infants in the bed during summer.


We will try and talk about room temperatures and other related things. We will pay more attention to baby sleep without the blanket. We are sure it will be of use to parents who are naturally very keen that their newborn babies should have a peaceful sleep with or without blankets. We will look into some proven and tested safety devices, and also pay attention to room temperatures and also about the various layers that one should use. 

Children Hate Being Wet And Sweaty

It is a known fact that sweaty blankets and sweltering nights are very uncomfortable for newborn babies. As adults we have the liberty of waking up, repositioning ourselves and also arranging our blankets and so on. We also can remove the baby swaddle and have it replaced with something lighter. Hence as parents, you have the responsibility of taking care of your child’s comfort and find out whether it can sleep without a baby blanket especially during summers.

Understanding The Safe Temperature Is Important

The first and foremost thing is to identify the right room temperature that is comfortable for your child. The room temperature should be between 16 and 20-degree Centigrade though ideally 18-degree centigrade is recommended and is considered to be just right. Hence this is the first important point which you must take into account when it comes to looking for the right blanket for your baby, especially during summer months.

Will Overheating Harm Your Baby?

This is often a question that many of us ask and the answer cannot be given in a huff. It depends on the outside temperature and the ambient temperature inside the homes. But you can decide on the number of layers that your baby might require. Irrespective of the weather, be aware that the rule is the same. This is what expert midwives and pediatricians state. It is always advisable to let your baby sleep on the back and also take steps to ensure that he or she does not become overheated.

Be aware of the fact that if you feel hot it is quite natural that your baby will also feel the same way. You can sleep in whatever type of bed, the mattress of other such things. However, keep in mind that your baby should be having one layer extra beneath her or him when compared to what you are sleeping on. You might like to sleep without any covers, but in most cases, it would be advisable to let your baby sleep with one layer of the light blanket over it. If you wish to sleep without any clothes, do not do the same thing for your baby. You would do well to ensure that it sleeps with a sleep suit. If it is made to wear a sleep suit then perhaps a baby swaddle may not be required. However, if the weather becomes too hot for comfort then you could even think of removing the sleep suit so that it is able to feel comfortable and is free from stuffiness and sweaty conditions.

Make Use Of Technology

When you are in the hottest of summer weather, as parents you must make use of technology to your advantage and of course to the advantage of your baby. You must regularly use a room thermometer to be sure that the temperature is ideal with or without blankets. There are some guidelines which you could follow. If the temperature is 12 degrees C and below you should cover the baby with a sheet and four or even more infant blankets. Around 16 degrees C one sheet should be good enough. The number of blankets will go down in line with the rise in temperature. If it reaches 23 degrees plus then you should remove the blanket and let the child sleep only with a sheet. There are some reliable guidelines and suggestions as far as the safe sleeping of your baby is concerned. These have been suggested by experts and you would be advised to follow the same at all points of time.

Is It Bad For Babies To Sweat

Parents also need to understand that sweating is a natural phenomenon and helps our bodies to cool down. In fact, the dampness in the skin helps our body to pick up coolness from the air which is moving. However, there could be instances where some babies could sweat more than others. You need to find out the reason for the same. If you find the baby’s body hotter than normal, you first rule out fever. Once this has been ruled out, you could use a damp towel and wipe the child on the neck, arms, face, and legs. You also ensure that the neck, arms, face, and legs are properly wiped. Allow air circulation by opening internal doors and windows. This will cause the natural breeze to enter the room and will cool the baby’s body.

Keep Your House Cool

During summer you must take steps to ensure that your house remains cool through the day. In some places, you could keep the windows open but if you feel that it increases the temperature, you could use curtains to filter the greenhouse effect causing heat and sunlight. Hence you must find out ways and means by which you can keep the house cool during summer.

Why do Some Babies Sweat a Lot?

At times you could find the baby sleeping a bit more especially during summer. Hence you need not to bother too much. Summers could make the baby feel a bit lethargic and lazy. This could make her or his sleep much more than what you consider normal.

In fine, the answer to the question can a baby sleep without cute blanket in summer would depend on various circumstances, situations and ground realities. The best way to answer this question is to look for some information from experts and then act according to it. You also should understand that the human body is a perfect machine and it knows how to adjust to changing climates and situations, provided the minimum care and precaution is taken.

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